Friday, March 9, 2012

Things are coming together

     Well haven't put anything up here on my blog lately because I have been very busy bowling, working and trying to get outside a little as things warm up here in South Carolina. I am really happy to say that I have finally broken through my 3 month slump bowling and have been posting solid scores and more importantly not missing on important shots nearly as often. I am becoming more and more happy with the reaction I am getting out of my Seismic equipment. I find myself going to my Aftermath Pearl a lot on anything from THS to medium patterns, it is a smooth predictable ball. Most important in pulling out of my slump was putting the ball a bit lower in my pushaway and not "extending it up over an imaginary bar" in my second step. Meaning just letting gravity do its work and not going up and out just down and into the swing on pushaway. I now am more solid coming through at the line. I was struggling getting a bit fast with my feet and getting to the line early too. Little subtle changes make a big difference.
     Otherwise in tournaments I have been doing solid not winning anything yet but getting back in the top 5 and throwing the ball a lot better. I find stringing strikes and breaking past 250 much easier again now. Not to mention spare shooting is improving though not what it was before my little layoff and not even close to what it needs to be if I am going to do well in bigger events on tough patterns.
     As for other equipment I have been trying out from Seismic I got a Raging Bull Charged which is a pearl version of the strongest ball in the lineup. It is a monster on heavy oil but don't expect to get one and drill it strong and get a lot of use on light patterns or house shots, unless of course you are lower rev or very speed dominant. Mine is 55x5x35 and it is one of the strongest balls I have thrown. I also have one of the Urethane Desperado LE's that Seismic is manufacturing. It is great on lower volumes and still hits with the same powerful core the Aftermath uses.
     I am hoping to continue getting back to solid form when I head to another tournament next weekend and States is just around the corner. Heading out to practice tomorrow and will be focusing on targeting different break points and multiple areas. Remember it isn't a "line" if you are only focusing on one spot at the dots/arrows, using two or three target points brings accuracy and the ability to adjust to your balls reaction down lane. Otherwise carry down and missing the breakpoint down lane can leave you scratching your head as you "hit my mark at the arrows" and don't realize why the corner pin didn't fall or your ball went a little high.
     As always thanks for stopping by to read my blog! Chris